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Anal Discipline Barebacking Gay Porn Review

Gay Barebacking Porn

Rating: ★★★★☆

About Harlem Boyz
Harlem Boyz is a brand new site featuring black thugs and gangsta types jerking off,
sucking huge black cocks and fucking. While there isn’t a ton of content here yet, what is
here so far looks promising. There are some bareback scenes here as well just so you are
aware. Most of the videos are on the amateur side, which to me adds to the ambience of
hardcore, ebony street thugs getting gay in all ways possible. Updates are frequent
already though, and there seems to be some perks for joining up with them too.

Tour Claims
Harlem Boyz promises us hardcore black gay porn downloadable in 3 formats and lots of
images to go along with the videos. They also tell us that members get full access to
more gay porn sites.

Member Area – What’s Inside?
Harlem Boyz’ members area contains a main menu at the top of each page. Below this
is the latest video update and a list of all recent updates to the site. Right now they
are coming in every 3 days as of August 18th 2009. Further down we’ve got more video
updates, the latest photo updates, videos coming soon and photos coming soon. To the right
of the page there is a search engine and quick links to the top rated videos and photos. There are no ads inside the members area of Harlem Boyz.

gay black porn stud

gay black porn stud

A lot of black gay porn sites these days try to convey their models as real gangstas and thugs. Whether they really are or not is anyone’s guess. What I can tell you about Harlem Boyz is that although we’ll never find out if these guys are geniune or not – which adds to the mystery in my eyes – they sure act like it. Especially the tops, as they pretty much force their bottoms to suck their massive dicks and take every inch of them up their asses. Think of those scary dudes you might see late at night in areas you don’t want to frequent and that sums up the guys inside Harlem Boyz.

About the Videos
Rimming, sucking and lots and lots of fucking is what you get inside Harlem Boyz. A few scenes contain bareback fucking and some pretty hot facial cumshots as well. A few solo scenes are available also.

There are 52 videos as of October 29th 2009 inside Harlem Boyz. They are listed on 4 pages, with 10 previews per page. Numbered links at the top and bottom of each page provide navigation. The downloadable videos include a wmv file at a bitrate of 1.5Mbps and a resolution of 640×480, as well as an mp4 file at 1.5Mbps at a size of 320×240.

Members may also view the videos in a flash stream at a resolution of 530×350 or a stream in wmv at 500×285. The flash streams can be viewed in full screen mode as well, however, they do lose quality when done so.

Black Cock shoots cum in thug's mouth

Black Cock shoots cum in thug's mouth

The lengths of the videos range from 20-35 minutes and are of amateur quality.

About the Photos
There are currently only 15 image galleries inside Harlem Boyz. They are of pretty good quality and each is viewable at a size of 650px × 488px. There are no zip files to download the galleries, but each can be saved individually. The stills seem to be mostly random shots of some guys solo and some in action. I didn’t find them that interesting really, but then again, there are only 15 galleries up so far.

The Bottom Line on Harlem Boyz
With a membership to Harlem Boyz you also get full access to Japan Boyz, Boykakke, Gay Asian Anime, Gay Boys Feet and SD Boy. Also available are video feeds to 20 more gay related porn sites.  At this time Harlem Boyz is updating every 3 days, so while there isn’t a lot of content yet, it shouldn’t take long if they keep updating like this regularly.

Final Verdict
Harlem Boyz is a brand new site, so it needs some growth. However, their claim of black gangstas and thugs getting it on in a gay fashion is definitely what they offer. We all know there aren’t enough gay black sites out there, so these guys are most welcome to come and join the party. Through time I can see it becoming a nice big, fat juicy amateur site featuring lots of hardcore gay black thug porn. It could be fun to get inside and watch it continue to grow.

$29.95 USD for 30 days recurring
$69.95 USD for 90 days recurring
$139.95 USD for 180 days non-recurring

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Here’s a Free Video sample from HarlemBoyz!

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Anal Discipline Barebacking Gay Porn Review

Gay Barebacking Porn

Rating: ★★★★½

About Anal Discipline
There are so many different types of gay porn fetishes these days. Cum swapping, spanking,
feet and on and on. However, no matter how many new things come about, good old ass
fucking will always be a huge turn on for a lot of people. Anal Discipline caters to
exactly that and provides for very interesting ass penetrations. The productions come from
Europe, the US and many other parts of the world. All feature anal sex with toys
fists, or big cocks. Some of the fucking occuring in a bareback fashion.

Tour Claims
The tour promises us 100′s of anal discipline fucking, fisting, raw and leather videos, weekly
updates, unlimited downloads and streaming video, as well as access to 6 more exclusive
sites with a membership. Let’s take a look inside to see if they live up to all of this.

Member Area – What’s Inside?
The members area of Anal Discipline is set up with the main menu running. The latest news
follows, with a thumbnail link to the featured video to the right of that. Further down we
have what is coming up soon, more upcoming updates and the latest updates. Numbered links
at the bottom of each page provide navigation to more video collection pages. Quick links
in a right sidebar take you to a search, the week’s top rated videos, the most viewed,  recent updates, a reader’s poll and a few ads to outside sites. All updates are listed by the dates they were added to Anal Discipline and it looks as though they are done weekly.

analdiscipline2-10About the Videos
As of October 11th 2009 there are 304 videos inside Anal Discipline. A good many of them are exclusive to the site, but not all are. The newest videos are of pretty high quality and come in both mp4 at a bitrate of 1.5Mbps and wmv at 1.9Mbps. Both are viewed at a screen resolution of 720×480. All are downloadable with no DRM placed on them. They vary in length from 15 minutes to about 30 minutes. Flash streams are also available at a screen size of 720×480. The 1500 extra videos are from the same network that Anal Discipline. I found the action captured well and the more hardcore scenarios looked great in the higher quality versions.

About the Photos

There are 200 photo galleries inside Anal Discipline, not including the extras that come with a membership. Some match the videos, while some don’t. The newest photos are of great quality. The portrait style photos are at 1000px × 1500px, with the landscapes at 1500px × 1000px. There are anywhere from 20 to over 80 photos per gallery and are viewed in either a classic thumbnail format, or a flash slideshow.

There are also video screen captures for each video. Anywhere from 5 to 50 are available in each gallery. These are as good as can be expected from screen captures. They are at the same screen resolution as the videos themselves – 720×480.

There are no zip files available for any of the galleries, but members may save each image individually.

analdiscipline3-5About the Models
The models inside Anal Discipline vary quite a bit. From white men, to latino, to black and asian guys can be found. Some are very well hung too of course. The action contains lots of cocksucking, rimming, and of course, ass fucking. There are several fisting and anal toys videos as well and I found these quite hot. The majority of scenarios are duos, but there’s a good amount of threesome, foursomes and orgies as well. Something for everyone.

The Bottom Line on Anal Discipline
Anal Discipline delivers what it says it does on the tour. There are lots of intense anal moments inside and a good amount of content. The newest material is the best quality and is being added on a regular basis. Members also get access to 6 more exclusive sites, as well as the massive collection of 1500 videos on the same network. To say the price is worth it is putting it mildy. If you can get past the less than great quality of the older videos, everything else that Anal Discipline offers will be greatly appreciated by anal sex lovers indeed.

Final Verdict
All in all, Anal Discipline is a gay porn site that is 100% safe to surf, is honest in it’s claims, and provides great value for your money. If you are into gay anal sex, leather, fisting and bareback sex then you can’t go wrong in joining this site!

$29.95 USD for 30 days
$69.95 USD for 90 days

Click here to visit Anal Discipline!
Click here for a free photo gallery from Anal Discipline!
Click here for a free video gallery from Anal Discipline!

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Gay Asian Twink Boys

Gay Asian Twink Boys

Rating: ★★★★½

About Boykakke
Boykakke is a play on words, taken from the Japanese term “Bukkake”. The literal translation into English is “mass ejaculation onto a body part – usually the face”. With one look at the Boykakke Tour and the previews there seems to be a lot of facials going on. Whether it’s fucking a hot tight asian ass or mouth, the end result is always a face full of jizz. Most are complete amateurs and most are definitely cute for those who have a hunger for the asian persuasion. Not all models are Japanese though as they hail
from many different parts of the Asian continent.

Tour Claims
Boykakke boasts tons of facial cumshots and lots of hardcore amateur asian action. They say they are the largest supplier of gay Bukkake as a matter of fact. Let’s take a look inside the Members Area to see if Boykakke really does live up to their name.

Member Area – What’s Inside?
The main menu runs at the top of the page underneath the header and will take you to anywhere you like on the site. Under the menu to the left is the latest video labeled with the date it was added. To the right of this is the latest image gallery update, also listed by the date it was added to Boykakke. At the time of this review they are 2 days apart with each update coming in every week. Further down we have a list of all recent Gay Asian Network Updates (the network of sites of which Boykakke is a part of), going back more than 6 weeks.  There are daily updates within the network. Beneath this are thumbnails which link to the previous 6 videos updates. Further down we have more thumbnail links leading to the previous 6 image gallery updates. All thumbnails are labeled with the dates they were added to Boykakke. Underneath this table is another labeled “Videos Coming Soon.” “Photos Coming Soon” is beneath this with small thumbnail previews of these upcoming scenes. At the bottom of the page there is an image ad to a site called “Gay Asian Piss” with 33% off for being a Member of Boykakke. In the right sidebar is a search engine, links to the Top Rated videos, photos and most viewed videos and photos.

About the Models

The models are of course predominantly asian at Boykakke. Although I did see one video where an asian top was fucking a caucasian older man. The men range from leaner twinks to more muscular “studs” if you will. I would estimate the age range from 18 to approximately mid-20′s.

Sucking, rimming, fucking and of course – lots of cumshots is what you’ll find inside Boykakke. Each cumshot ends with the more submissive asian model having his face covered with cum of course. Some swallow as well.

Video Content Amount and Quality
As of October 10th 2009 there are 89 videos inside Boykakke. They are listed 10 on each page and you can navigate from one page to the other through linked numbers or “previous” and “next” links. On the video page we have a few options for streaming and downloading:

Flash embedded streaming: 600×350 and good amateur quality, can go full screen.

Wmv format: high definition – 1280×720 at 3089kbps  high bandwidth – 720×480 at 1377kbps

I must say that I was impressed with how fast the wmv files downloaded. Even with simultanious downloads the videos came in at between 800 and 900kbps. The high definition videos are of sensational quality that look great when viewed in full screen. However, even the high bandwidth videos are quite good as well if you’re looking for a faster download or stream.

Boykakke’s navigation is very easy to use and with this comes a very convenient link to each scene’s photo gallery from each video collection page. As well as from the main menu of course.

Gay Asian Boys cum

Gay Asian Boys cum from Boykakke

There are 158 image galleries at Boykakke. Some are actual pictures, while others are screencaps taken directly from the videos themselves. The photos are of good amateur quality and the screencaps are as good as can be. Photos are viewable in a regular thumbnail context at 900px × 1350px, while the screencaps are at 576px × 480px. Each gallery contains anywhere from 20 to over 100 images each. You may download each image by right clicking and “saving as”. There are no zip files available for download.

Bonus Access
There are many Bonuses for getting a Membership with Boykakke. As they are part of the “Gay Asian Network”, Members also get full access to JapanBoyz, GayAsianAmateurs, GayAsianAnime, AsianBoyFeet, SDBoy and an exclusive thug site called Harlem Boyz. All great sites in their own right and set up exactly as Boykakke is. Also include in a Membership are free video feeds as well as 21 non-asian related feeds. There are Live Webcams as well, however,
you will have to pay a bit extra for those.

The Bottom Line
Boykakke updates continually and therefore are always increasing their already very large library of content. With a video and a photo update each week, you could never run out of porn to watch here.

Boykakke is what I would consider an excellent porn paysite. Navigation is just about as good as you can get and I never found myself getting lost, the large amount of content and consistent updates are sensational, and with all the bonuses you really can’t go wrong. There are very few porn sites which are even close to perfect. Boykakke is very close though. With no DRM in place even with their High Definition videos and fantastic asian Bukkake action taking place, it’s literally an asian lovers dream cum true.

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Site Last Reviewed: 10/10/2009
Business Model: Membership Subscription

Privacy & Identity Protection
SSL Encryption: Yes
Terms of Service: Ethical
TOS Link: Yes
Privacy Policy: Ethical
Privacy Link: Yes

Pricing Transparency
Truthful Display: Yes
Adjunct XSales: None
Adjunct Upsells: Ethical

Credit Card Processor: Epoch
Billing Policy: Ethical

Final Verdict
All in all, Boykakke is a gay porn site that is 100% safe to surf,  is honest in it’s claims, and provides great value for your money.  If you are into gay Asian twinks then you can’t go wrong in joining this site!

Click here to visit Boykakke!
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