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Surfing porn online is like entering any red light district.  There are good venues and bad ones, safe and unsafe.  We at SecureGayPorn hope to help serve as your compass to finding and surfing only those that are honest, ethical, and safe to surf and purchase memberships from.  By highlighting the reputable and honest sites, and not giving any attention to the bad, we hope to both improve standards within the gay porn industry and help you to make informed decisions.

At, we only review websites that have been certified as safe, discreet and secure by the net’s top independent web verification company,  You can always find the WebsiteSecure Certificate on a site’s join page.  For more information about why they are a trusted, independant source for certifying websites, please visit Website Secure

WEBSITE SECURE’S CRITERIA – Only sites passing these criteria are awarded a certificate from

Does the Site provide what the tour says it will provide?
If a tour says you get 100 videos and the members area has 98 that isn’t a tremendous problem. However, if it says you get 250 and you get 6 that is an obvious attempt to mislead you.  Website Secure only gives certificates to websites that display honest information, and give you what they say they are going to give you.

Does the Site cost EXACTLY what it says it will cost?
One of the biggest reasons porn has gotten a bad reputation online is because of something called a ‘Hidden Cross Sale.’  A ‘Hidden Cross Sale’ is where a site automatically signs you up for extra websites or products you don’t want and they charge your credit card.  Any site with cross sales below the join button, or buried in the terms page or in a color that is not visible or any other method used to show one price while charging another, or signing you up for any product you didn’t ask for is unethical and not eligible for a certificate from

Does the Site do anything harmful to you?
This includes a long list of items from ‘credit card banging’ to viruses and malware and beyond. You have the right to expect that the sites you visit or join will do nothing harmful to you, your identity or your computer. This includes ignorance on the part of the site owner… you would be amazed how many sites have join forms that ask for CC information without being SSL encrypted – not because the owner is a thief but because they simply fail to understand the importance of the data that they are handling. independantly verifies your data is safe by randomly joining the sites they inspect, and continuing to join them many times throughout the year to make sure they remain safe.  They also have consumer feedback buttons so if you notice any site is doing anything unethical, they will listen to your feedback and promptly revoke the certificates.


Take a look at our Certificate below.  You will see this certificate on the join page of any website that is certified as ‘safe.’

Website Secure
When you click on the certificate, it shows the site name that it belongs to along with a full report about the security and ethical standards of the specific website.  Each certificate is given a unique number with a code.  You can go to and type in that code to check and verify that the seal on the join page is in fact valid.  If you ever find a site with a ‘fake certificate,’ you can notify Website Secure and they will take appropriate legal action to get the infringing websites to remove it.

SECUREGAYPORN and – Helping to keep the gay porn community safe
The web is just like any neigbourhood.  We need to help each other to keep the streets safe.  Support websites with the WebsiteSecure certificate and you are also helping to reward honest webmasters to keep their sites safe and secure.  If you notice a site that has a certificate from WebsiteSecure, but is not living up to the criteria stated above, the friendly staff at WebsiteSecure will look into the issue for you and alert the webmaster and/or take away their certificate if they aren’t keeping to their original good standards.

Simply go to WebsiteSecure’s website and enter your sites you want to submit for the certificate here.  There is a small fee to cover the time and expense needed to fully evaluate and continually monitor certified websites. The nominal fee charged is worth far less to them  than the hard-earned reputation as an honest and trusted web security advocate among online consumers.  Once your site is submitted, the friendly staff at WebsiteSecure will contact you about your site, and schedule an inspection.

No. We are not owned by the brand or company whatsoever. We do have all of our own websites inspected and certified as ’safe’ by and we are very happy with the service that they provide. So we have obtained permission from to build this affiliate website highlighting the best honest gay porn sites on the web.

We hope you enjoy our safe gay porn reviews at SecureGayPorn!

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